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4 Step Meeting Process

Introductory Discussion

A casual conversation when we get to know each other.  Lots of mutual listening. I provide overview of the holistic planning work done at IFS and ask you to share your objectives, motivations and goals. No preparation is required for this meeting other than an open mind by all. Upon mutual agreement to proceed, I give you a confidential financial questionnaire to complete and bring to the next meeting.

Qualitative Understanding

Together we review the completed confidential questionnaire you have brought to the meeting or (optionally) have sent in advance. We discuss the quantitative data and qualitative information contained and I seek to understand where you seek the most change going forward. The information provided by your questionnaire will then be used to build your holistic macro-financial model in preparation for the following meeting.

Your Holistic Model Review

Together we see and review your current financial "big picture". It's analogous to an airplane "40,000 foot view" where we see in a graphic snapshot  your current protection, savings and growth position as it stands today. During this review we make note of areas of your model where changes are desired, and we discuss concepts and strategies available to effect these changes. 

Planning & Implementation

We begin the steps toward implementing the changes you identify as important. After implementation is complete we agree on a regular review timeline (often 6-12 months out) for a check-in and fresh macro review of your financial model. Regular holistic review meetings continued going forward.

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