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We are passionate about helping people be financially efficient in how they save for the future and in how they protect their families.

Financial decisions are interrelated, meaning one move affects another. This relationship is ongoing and evolving. Without monitoring, in our busy lives the various components of our financial lives can begin to reside in silos and gradually lose continuity. Gaps and inefficiencies can creep in over time and decrease financial success. When we work with clients we regularly analyze, educate and adjust to avoid these pitfalls.


We are passionate about holistic planning

The financial instruments chosen to implement ideas are important. These product choices are "micro level" decisions. However, for achieving long term financial success the "macro level" strategies are equally if not more important. 15 years of strategic thinking and planning experience is what IFS brings to the table for you. It's how  we set ourselves apart in a landscape that is often product-focused instead of strategy-focused.

We are relationship driven

Our approach is a balance of both left and right-brained thinking. We are scientific, detail-focused,  artful and empathetic.

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