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  • Since 2004 IFS, has worked with clients on both financial strategy development and implementation. Financial instruments and products may or may not be beneficial in the absence of proper strategy. And the best ideas and plans are nothing without action: putting strategy in motion.

  • IFS is a personalized financial advising firm that provides a boutique client experience. We specialize in being the "financial quarterback" to help you position insurance, savings and investment decisions into a larger framework. The array of financial products and opinions available in the marketplace today is staggering and ever-changing. We help you boil that huge amount of information down to usable, verifiable data from which to make decisions. We then work work hands-on to help you implement the strategies we mutually agree match your objectives. 

  • ​The work we do with families and individuals includes life, disability and long term care insurance planning, IRAs and other investment accounts.  We always differentiate your holistic "big picture" from the financial products we may use to achieve objectives. Selecting efficient and cost effective products is always important and we have the industry experience and knowledge to help you do so. However, we've found holistic strategy to be equally or more important than the particular product selected.  There are many high quality products available for use and in some respects the products have become commoditized, making strategy the key factor determining long term success.

  • We work with business owners in helping develop retirement plans, employee benefits and with succession.  Business insurance may include key person life insurance, buy-sell life and disability insurance, and group insurance coverage. Retirement plans may include 401(k), profit sharing or other plans. 

  • In order to develop our plans together, we will quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate any options under consideration. The use of facts, science and proven concepts is a core value of IFS.

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